Dell Venue Thunders booms into Korea
The kind of thunder that you might hear over in Korea in the coming week might be that of artillery and gunfire as South Korea intends to brush aside their northern neighbor’s security concerns by going ahead with a military exercise, and this perceived act of intimidation might just see the reply of weapons to lead to another round of global markets getting spooked. Well, Dell isn’t going to let some diplomatic failures between two countries get in the way of their Venue Thunder, er, thundering (pardon the pun) into a high tech smartphone market. This Android 2.2-powered device will feature a tough 4.1-inch Gorilla Glass display, doing away with the QWERTY keyboard (which the Dell Venue Pro powered by Windows Phone 7 sports). Perhaps the QWERTY keyboard isn’t really all that important in a society that still relies largely on a writing system that consists of ideograms, but good luck to Dell with their Venue Thunder!

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