DivX HiQ Boosts Video Playback Performance by Replacing FlashDivX just announced the release of DivX HiQ, a technology that allows DivX to replace the standard Flash web video player by the DivX Web Player. This happens on the fly, and per-site. DivX has had a significant performance advantage over Flash for a while. It simply uses much less processor resources when compared to Adobe’s product. However, it’s clear that Flash has become the de-facto web video standard. By replacing the Flash player on the fly, DivX HiQ gives users the opportunity to opt for a faster alternative on popular video sites. At the moment DivX HiQ works only on Motion, Facebook, ESPN, MetaCafe, Revision3, The Onion, Vimeo, YouTube, but the number can grow over time without requiring an update. Things will happen in the background.

What’s the big deal? Well, for one, Netbook who were not fast enough to play high-resolution Flash video before might make the cut now. Instead of upgrading your hardware, why not run optimized software? It sounds like a “duh”, but there was not a lot of options for Netbook folks before. Secondly, because DivX HiQ uses less CPU resources, it also consumes less power.

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