Facebook valued higher than Yahoo, eBayOnce upon a time, the name Yahoo and eBay invoked a sense of wonder, as people referred to both companies as giants in the world of the Internet. Not more than two decades after the Internet became popular among us humans, many other champions have come, with some to stay a whole lot longer than others. One of them would be Facebook – the social networking giant that has just seen its value increase by a whopping 56% in the past half year, making it worth more than eBay and Yahoo. Basically, Facebook is looking at a net worth of $41.2 billion, and has the advantage of a growth rate which would definitely turn its competitors’ faces green with envy. We do wonder whether Yahoo has a game plan to turn its fortunes around, or will it slowly die off down the road, leaving people to leave their obituaries for the former Web giant on Facebook instead? Now that would be ironic.

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