Fake HTC Site Spotted - Teaches You How To Identify Fake Phones
Sure, we’ve seen plenty of cloned phones from China, but how often do you see a fake site (apart of phishing scams, of course). The site looks very similar to the official HTC website and even offers phones that look the same and display similar model names. Of course, being clones, the phones offer different specifications from the real deal, so there’s no surprise there. The irony of the whole site is that it even has a section teaching you how to spot fake HTC phones, though we wonder if it takes into account the phones that are being offered on the site itself. You can compare the difference yourself between the fake site at www.htc-aisa.com/index.html [we are intentionally NOT linking to it] and the official site, though you’ll want to be careful not to purchase anything from the wrong site.

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