In the future, our food will be printedSome scientists in Cornell University’s Compuational Synthesis Lab are developing possibly the greatest invention in the world- a 3D food printer that would allow users to “print” meals using raw food as “ink”! Talk about ingenious. All users will have to do is load up the printer with the correct ingredients, select a recipe, and adjust its properties such as flavor and texture, and hit print. The printer will then squeeze out the right amount of ingredients from the syringes into a prearranged pattern, and cook the meal for you – viola, your meal is done! Long term plans include the ability for users to share their recipes with each other all over the world, creating some sort of social network linked by food. According to Homaru Cantu from Chicago’s Moto, “3D printing will do for food what e-mail and instant messaging did for communication.” Sounds like fun, we can’t wait.

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