Google Web Store AnnouncedGoogle has just announced its Web Store, initially, it will be limited to apps running in Chrome and it will later be open to other browsers. Users will be able to buy apps with Google Check Out. As usual, when an app store is launched, selected developers were on stage with Google to demonstrate their applications:


NPR and Sports illustrated web apps were demonstrated. Both feature a very dynamic and fluid user interface, watch the demo video of the “Snap Shot” app by Sports Illustrated.

Google Web Store Announced

New York Times app for ChromeThe New York Times team showed their web app. It’s very interactive and lets users choose whichever news they want to browse. It’s works offline too.

Google Web Store Announced

Poppit Game by Electronic Arts for ChromeElectronic Arts showed Poppit! a casual game that be integrated in the next release of Google Chrome. EA said that it has ported the game to the browser in 48 hours. It’s faster (than Flash) and the graphics are more fluid. It also uses a superior resolution.

Google Web Store Announced

Amazon Window Shop for ChromeAmazon demonstrates Amazon Window Shop, their shopping web app. It’s clear that it looks much better than their (aging) website, but you baically find everything that you have grown accustomed to on products, photos, reviews, specs…

Google Web Store Announced

Kindle Web AppAnd Kindle for the Web was announced – it is developed in HTML5 so it works with all comaptible browsers.


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