Kakeochi game offers happy ending


A dating sim that offers a happy ending? We like the sound of that. For those who do not know much about Japan, Gree is one of the Land of the Rising Sun’s most popular social networking sites (yes, in case you haven’t noticed by now, Japan and Korea are pretty closed in certain ways). Well, what’s the point of having such a site if you do not have proper fillers to occupy users’ time, like its own list of addictive games? The latest addition to Gree’s list of entertainment titles would be Kakeochi by Index Corp. It puts you in the shoes of a female university student, and surprise surprise, your parents actually arranged your marriage by choosing your fiance.

Of course, being the rebellious person that you are, your high-school alumni association party saw five attractive hunks, classmates and trainee teachers within your age range, and you will be pitted in different situations that involve such people, making your emotions a tangled mess in the process. Of course, the outcome of the game depends on how you cooperate or interfere with other game players. When you find a happy ending with one of these testosterone laden guys, only will you “win” the game. We guess it is only games like these that will find a cult following in Japan.

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