We were talking about the Microsoft Kinect’s hidden potential that remains limited by its firmware, but even as it is currently, the Kinect is already adept at helping out even medical personnel. For instance, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has to review radiological images during surgery or angioplasty with bloody gloves on – and you aren’t allowed to touch any buttons, joysticks or physical forms of input so that sterility can be preserved while limiting contamination, saving time and equipment costs in the process. A modded Kinect will certainly help, since as researchers from Institute of Forensic Medicine’s Virtopsy Project at University of Bern, Switzerland, have found out, by hooking up a Microsoft Kinect 3D video camera and a wireless headset to function as a touch-free input system for the OsiriX PACS. Imagine the added accuracy of the whole situation when the Kinect receives it long awaited firmware update that quadruples the resolution.

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