Lumimask helps wake you up gentlyAlarm clocks have certainly evolved from their early days which involved loud ringing to help you wake up, as well as even jolt the dead from their eternal rest if they were lying down beside one. In fact, more modern ones tend to help you get up gently, and the Lumimask plays on such a concept. It intends to flood your optic nerves with morning luminosity to help you start the day, as that is how nature works, albeit coming in the form of a mask which hasn’t been attempted before and hence, making it a world’s first. The Lumimask will cost $50 for a pre-order, although double that amount and you will not only be able to enjoy the device but a pair of pajamas as well. Get this only if you are able to sleep with a mask on, otherwise, we would recommend that you get a bedside clock model.

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