The Mobius Strip is one of the most confounding designs we have ever come across, and we have always loved the classic image of ants running along one of these, since they’ll be stuck in an infinite circle, sorta like the Israelites wandering around the desert for 40 years with Moses at the helm. Well, the Mobius Strip has been the inspiration behind this conceptual traffic lights, aptly known as the Mobius Strip Lamp. This all-in-one installation will feature vehicle signals, pedestrian signals and a street lamp. The whole idea behind this concept? To minimize the amalgamation of flashing lights, making sure they’re composed onto one neat strip. Nice to know that some things don’t change though – such as signal values which remain standard at green, yellow, and red light. This ought to mesmerize those who stop at red lights, I know I’ll be stumped looking at it.

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