MUNI bus station wait translates to funEverything seems to be instant these days, from instant noodles to instant photos and what not. The new generation doesn’t seem to be able to wait, and while that is not necessarily a bad thing since it helps them be more efficient, it isn’t a good thing either as it does not teach the value of patience or delayed gratification. Well, for those who tend to do a whole lot of commuting, waiting at the bus station can be pretty boring when your iPhone is all out of juice and you forgot to pack your iPod touch with you. The San Francisco public authorities intend to help keep you occupied while you wait by teaming up with Yahoo!, installing digital video screens at various MUNI bus stations throughout the city. These screens will let you play video games against each other as you wait for your bus to arrive. Not only that, Yahoo! intends to encourage the use of these screens by choosing one winner in the two-month long contest, where said person who hits the highest score will get to host a block party featuring the rock band OK go. Time to ditch the car and start taking buses, eh?

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