Pioneer has just released new editions of the company’s DJ Mixer and turn table, with the model numbers DJM-350 and CDJ-350 respectively. The new model sheds the black case in favor of a white case, and will be available starting in January in Japan. Among the changes involved with the newer edition, effects are now going from GATE,CRUSH,JET,FILTER to NOISE,SHORT ECHO,JET,FILTER. Hit the jump for full specs of both models.

Specs for CDJ-350 Turn Table

  • Compatible media Music CD, CD-R/RW, USB device (flash memory, hard disk drive, etc.)
  • Compatible files MP3, AAC, WAV (48/44.1kHz, 24/16 bit), AIFF (48/44.1 kHz, 24/16 bit)
  • Compatible file systems for USB storage FAT, FAT32, HFS+
  • Frequency performance 4 Hz-20 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB or higher
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.006%
  • USB ports USB A x 1, USB B x 1
  • Audio output terminals AUDIO OUT (RCA) x 1
  • Other terminals CONTROL (ø3.5 mm MINI JACK) x 1
  • Audio output voltage 2.0 Vrms
  • Power supply 220-240V(50/60 HZ)
  • Power consumption 16 W
  • Dimensions 220.0 mm (W) x 288.5 mm (D) x 107.5 mm (H)
  • Weight 2.3 kg

Included rekordboxTM music file management software
Compatible operating systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.4.6 or later
Compatible file types: MP3, AAC, WAV (48/44.1 kHz, 24/16 bit), AIFF (48/44.1 kHz, 24/16 bit)

Specs for  DJM-350 Mixer

  • Number of channels 2
  • Input terminals CD x 2 (RCA), PHONO x 2 (RCA), MIC x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE x 1), AUX x 1 (RCA)
  • Output terminals MASTER OUT x 2 (RCA), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE)
  • Other terminals CONTROL OUT x 2 (ø3.5 mm MINI JACK), USB A x 1
  • A/D, D/A converter 48 kHz/24 bit
  • Frequency performance 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.007% or less
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 97 dB (LINE)
  • Power supply 100 V AC (50 Hz/60 Hz)
  • Power consumption 18 W
  • Dimensions 218.0 mm (W) x 301.1 mm (D) x 106.6 mm (H)
  • Weight 3.2 kg

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