NOOKcolor auto resetting, possible anti hack protection?

Is this some form of hacking-protection built into the NOOKcolor? The eBook reader is a pretty popular item from Barnes & Noble and folks have found out that it makes a pretty decent 7-inch Android tablet if you root the system and open it up to third party apps. Of course, that isn’t officially supported and now users are reporting that they’ve experienced errors with their rooted units, which show an error message and automatically reboots a few seconds later, restoring the factory default settings. It isn’t entirely clear what is causing the error to occur just yet, though some folks speculate that it may be related to the Titanium Backup utility, though it could possibly be some form of protection that was put into the tablet to prevent rooting. At this point, if you’re planning on rooting your NOOKcolor, you might want to proceed with caution.

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