Palm Pixi 2 out next month?

Word on the street has it that Palm is working very hard to release a new smartphone from as early as next month – does this mean we can expect great things from Palm at CES 2011? So far, Palm’s lounge never disappointed with great coffee and snacks to munch on, but their devices never really took to the public’s hearts as much as their hospitality. Leaked information points toward the new device being the “smallest smartphone ever available.” Hmmm, now that is certainly an interesting thought and angle to look from, with some folks wondering whether it could be the successor to the Palm Pixi. Not only that, HP (who owns Palm by the way) is also reported to ship a new smartphone once every two months – now that is going to be interesting, and whether they will stick to the webOS platform or Windows Phone 7 remains to be seen. You know what they say, good things come to those who wait, so we will increase our patience in this department.

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