Plus Energy house helps you save in a myriad of ways

Owning a house is not cheap, and unless you’re born with a silver spoon, purchasing a house is more often than not one of the largest mortgages one would have to undertake in their lifetime. Well, the Plus-Energy house concept from the University of Stuttgart is slightly different, since it is a house that pays you back not in terms of rental, capital appreciation or simply shelter – it can actually generate enough power for itself, apart from powering a couple of electric cars, with even some juice left over to sell back to the power company for a profit. This is made possible thanks to the Plus-Energy house being completely covered in a shell of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems, resulting in plenty of electricity generation and hot water at hand always. We do look forward to visiting this house once it is completed in Germany by next year – it should be quite a sight.

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