Romeo the humanoid robot ready to rock next March

Aldebaran Robotics recently made known that they are working on a physically larger humanoid robot known as Romeo, with the first prototype ready to roll out in March 2011. Just what does Romeo offer? While he has no Juliet to create little robot offspring in due time, at least Romeo is capable of enjoying 37 degrees of freedom, a backbone, a partially soft torso, and the ability communicate via natural language and gestures. Romeo would make a half-decent butler at that as well, walking around while carrying your groceries – after all, Aldebaran hopes that Romeo can be used in the future to help out the elderly and disabled in their homes. It will take plenty of hard work as well as clever programming to get Romeo to reach such high standards, and what are some of the security measures implemented to prevent someone from hacking a 5-foot tall, 90 pound robot to act maliciously towards the household? Now that’s a scary thought – a robot gone rogue.

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