Solar powered microchips send batteries packingIf only researchers are able to come up with a much more efficient method of harnessing the power of solar energy, then we wouldn’t have to rely so much on fossil fuels or rechargeable batteries. Well, researchers at the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology have come up with an autonomous microsystem that will see the chip function as a base, with the solar cell applied to it layer upon layer. This would end up as a much more efficient production process, relying on fewer materials – resulting in a better performance. So far, the production process has not been trouble-free since researchers are trying to get around the problem of fragile electronics being easily damaged. Using amorphous silicon or CIGS (copper – indium – gallium – selenide) solar cells, this might just be circumvented although the chip’s energy use must be well below 1 milliwatt, which is another problem to be overcome. Hopefully the researchers will be able to work on a win-win situation that will benefit mankind in the long run, and soon.

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