Spinal implant could cancel pain signals

Researchers Down Under might just come up with a new implantable chip which is capable of canceling the pain signals sent from the spine to the brain in human trials. This chip will naturally target folks who suffer from chronic pain, and the researchers themselves are quietly confident that once human trials have begun, the chip can be fast tracked onto the medical market. Meant to be inserted into the body along with a biocompatible device, the devices are sewn straight into a 1.22mm-wide polymer yarn that is merged with electronic wires. These wires will then be sewn into the human spine without causing any kind of damage to the spinal column, followed by hooking it up to a device that holds a small battery which powers a computer processor, letting the chip go about its monitoring work with aplomb. Nice to know the battery can be juiced up wirelessly, reducing the need to open up your skin time and again just to recharge it. Surely this beats the use of morphine.

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