According to Nissan, their CARWINGS Information and Communication Technology system (ICT) for EVs will be a standard issue for the Nissan LEAF Stateside as well as in Europe. This system will enable users to use a cell phone or computer to remotely check their electric vehicle’s status. Not only that, they can also control some onboard systems at any given time even when the vehicle is switched off. Sounds new? Not really, as this has been available to Japanese customers since 2007. No idea on which company in the US will offer wireless connectivity for the system, but folks in Europe can look forward to Telenor Connexion’s services. Now, if only the Nissan LEAF can be programmed to drive to your doorstep by itself, avoiding pedestrians and all other road hazards in the process, and whisk you back home – that’d save your monthly expenses on a chauffer, wouldn’t it?

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