Tor router ensures online anonymityStaying anonymous online has been something that many people strive for to date, and while there are numerous solutions out there, Tor is one of the better ones. After all, your identity is governed by the IP that you use, which your ISP knows as well, and this vital information can be shared with relevant authorities if the situation calls for it. Tor offers an alternative solution by routing your requests through multiple servers, and your ISP will be dumbfounded as all they see is a repeated request to a non-descript Tor server instead of the actual destination. Tor can now be set to be added to a router, resulting in automatic anonymity for any web-connected device that is connecting via that router. Best of all is, you need not even purchase a new router since the OpenWrt code can be downloaded for your existing router if you don’t mind making some modifcations to it.

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