TranStar Racing Dagger GT could be world record breakerWhoever says that the rich and famous don’t have new stuff to buy with all of that money? Folks living in the US will be pleased to know that TranStar Racing might bring more pride to the Stars and Stripes, where their upcoming Dagger GT might just be the next champion of America where supercars are concerned – but that remains a big “if” unless TranStar is able to deliver. The company touts that the Dagger GT is able to break the 300 mph mark, which if achieved, would place it 30 mph faster than the tried-and-true Veyron SS, although we do wonder why did TranStar list an estimated top speed of 314 mph. A typo somewhere, or a miscommunication with the marketing department? Only time will tell, and with five Dagger GTs ready to hit the market in 2011 for around $450,000 each, we do hope to get five affirmative answers next year.

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