The next time we take a look at the electric neck massager, we will certainly be keeping a wary eye on it. After all, a Florida woman accidentally strangled herself on Christmas Eve, during her attempt to relieve some pain with an electric neck massager. She was found lying unconscious on her bedroom floor by her husband, apparently, she was in the midst of wrapping presents. Unfortunately, the paramedics arrived too late to save her, and the electric massager’s cord had already done her in by then. The authorities have decided to withhold the name of the massager in question until all investigations are complete. In the mean time, you might want to consider wireless devices much, much more for your home? Our heart goes out to this young lady, and we hope that nothing of the sort ever repeats itself. We know, the image shows someone getting electrocuted in a cartoon format, but that is out of respect of the situation.

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