WP7 to get in browser Silverlight and HTML5

Windows phone 7 has created a huge discontinuity in the Windows Phone familly, but Microsoft is pushing forward and intends to support in-browser Silverlight* embeds for video playback, but also web apps. HTML5 is also high on the list, and if the support is on-par with what we’re seeing in web browsers today, there’s a good chance that you can run all these cool web apps from your WP7 phone. Interestingly, Silverlight already exists in Windows Phone 7, that’s what powers many apps running outside the browser, but Microsoft does not have a working runtime for their browser, yet. This update is supposed to hit sometime in the summer. In the shorter term, we’re waiting for a January WP7 update that fixes things like Copy/Paste and other basic functions. A February WP7 update is also expected. If you’re not familiar with WP7, check out our HTC Surround Review and our Samsung Focus Review.

*Silverlight is a competitor of Adobe Flash.

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