Want to make sure that whatever you have to say gets across to your colleagues? This is where the 12-foot LED display marquee comes in handy, and you can’t purchase this from any manufacturer since it was specially built by Kitesurfer1404 for his home office, although we are pretty sure that it will see use in other settings and environments as well. The display will sport 512 LEDs that are driven by good old 595 shift registers for the high-side columns, while an ULN2803A Darlington Array is used to pull the eight rows to ground. The entire display marquee will be controlled by an ATmega8 through a serial connection. Of course, due credit must be given to Kitesurfer1404 for drilling a grid of 64×8 holes in each hardboard panel of the display accurately. This would be a pretty cruel way to get the boot from your job if your boss decides to install this in the office and announces your forced resignation…

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