iPad users who lay their eyes on the Adonit Writer might actually be moved to pledge some money for it to enter production. After all, this is a keyboard cum case accessory which offers not only protection for your iPad, but also the ability to type things out in a jiffy – extremely handy when you’re busy trying to compose that email in record time and do not want to be plagued by the scourge of a touch screen keyboard. This is a project based in Seattle, and needs at least $10,000 by February 3rd to kick off. Features include a magnetic strip allowing unlimited screen access, an automatic wake/sleep function which conserves battery life while an LED will let you know if there is sufficient power, or if it needs to make a trip to the nearest power outlet. A quick remove feature is included just in case you need to play a game (with your mate or alone). If this actually takes flight, it will retail for $99.99 inclusive of US delivery charges, with $15 for Canada and $25 for international orders. For those who pledge more than $89, you will be first in line to pre-order.

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