Anti pirate laser developed, Blackbeard runs for cover“Avast, me hearties! We will no longer be the scourge of the seven seas once this anti-pirate laser is out!” That is most probably the battle cry for pirates across the world (the ones who set sail and not sit hunched behind a computer monitor all day long) once this anti-pirate laser from BAE Systems is made available for purchase. BAE Systems recently demonstrated its new laser system that is capable of temporarily blinding would-be attackers, preventing said pirates from aiming their weapons at targets. Of course, additional safety testing needs to be conducted to make sure that such a system is good enough for commercially deployment. This apparently low-cost laser distraction system is capable of travelling through the sea air when it is being housed onboard a moving ship. Whenever the distance goes beyond 1.2km (0.75 miles) and 1.5km (0.85 miles), the laser beam will double up as a warning signal to let pirates know they’ve been spotted. If the pirates decide to take their chances and come closer, then the green laser beam will dazzle them to make it difficult for pirates to retaliate using their own weapons. Hmmm, and we thought that these lasers will just obliterate anything that comes in its way, now that’d be real dangerous.

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