BlackBerry recently announced that they will be introducing BlackBerry Balance – software that would let users use the same phone for both work and play. Targeted at users who are required to use a BlackBerry at work and don’t want to carry another cellphone with them for personal matters, BlackBerry Balance allows users to have two separate profiles on one device, with each profile totally independent from the other one. The folks at IT will be able to control what does on (restrict data, security, connections etc) on the work side of the device, but whatever is on the personal section is fully under your control. This means that you won’t have any more mix ups between work and life. Work stays on the work side of your phone and so does your regular life – no more accidental texts inviting your boss out for a night to disco. Sounds like a great idea especially for the BlackBerry phones since they are already standard issue in a lot of corporations. In a recent article from Reuters, RIM has announced that Balance will be available in two months. Expect more details to be released before then. How many of you would find Balance useful in your lives?

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