Bob Marley iPod dock[CES 2011] You know you’ve made it in today’s world when you have headphones or speaker docks named after you. But what about the deceased? Even they are not free from today’s commercialization. The king of reggae passed away 30 years ago, but this week, we shall see a new set of products bearing his name. Which is funny since iPods weren’t even around when he was – but you can be sure the accessories won’t go unnoticed by his fans. The best thing about the headphones and iPod dock is that all proceeds will benefit Marley’s One Love Foundation, so even though it might be just another marketing scheme, at least you know your money goes the Foundation instead of the pockets of people trying to make a quick buck using his name. The devices are “eco-conscious” and stand for the “values of equality, unity, authenticity, charity, sustainability all while giving back to people and the planet.” If you’re interested in finding out more, stay tuned for CES 2011, where the iPod accessories will be unveiled.

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