Chrome OS beta updated

Google has just announced a new update to Chrome OS beta. This update brings Chrome OS up to version and updates the Chrome browser to 8.0.522.344. The update is focused on mainly fixing network issues such as WiFi and 3G connectivity – the disconnection bug, support for WPA-SK security, increased stability when WPA2+ TKIP is used, enabling WiFi connectivity after sleeping and resuming and proper error messages when 3G connectivity fails. These updates should make the overall Chrome experience better and more useful. At the moment, Chrome OS hasn’t exactly been groundbreaking or jaw dropping, and it doesn’t really offer any benefits to users who have an operating system with the Chrome browser installed. Hopefully future updates to Chrome can change that. With Google’s Android operating system dominant in the upcoming tablet market, it’s going to be an uphill battle for them to beat their own operating system at their own game.

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