[CES 2011] Electric vehicles (EVs) are definitely a part of the future, but most folks don’t enjoy having to plug them in to charge. Of course, induction-charging technology is already available and Fulton Innovation is planning to use induction coils to make wireless charging on the Tesla Roadsters possible. The company has built an inductive receiver into a Tesla Roadster, ensuring that the car can be wirelessly juiced up. The system is currently about 90% as efficient as charging the vehicle via cable and is smart enough to shut itself off if something comes between the car and the charger (such as your cat). The system is also controlled via an iPhone app, though we can’t say we’re surprised at the iPhone support. The company claims that the cost of installing a wireless power transmitter are comparable to a standard charging station, so it’s hoping that cities and businesses will start installing chargers in parking spots to encourage adoption.

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