Electrodes turn eyelids into 3D shutter glasses (fake, but fun)Note: this setup is a joke/fake – Electrodes turn eyelids into 3D shutter glasses (fake, but fun) – If you wanted another way to watch 3D movies and not wear those active shutter glasses, you might want to try a DIY solution for yourself, such as what this person did. He decided to hook up a pair of electrodes on his head, and used electricity to alternately close each eye, giving you the same effect as wearing a pair of active shutter glasses. Of course, this method probably isn’t going to catch on too well and you would assume that watching a 3-hour 3D movie would make your eyelids a little tired. You can check out the video after the jump, though it remains to be seen how well this solution will actually perform, since we won’t be able to see the results from the video.

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