[CES 2011] The problem with emergencies is you can never quite tell when they’re going to happen, which is why having a quick mind and a game plan prior to that is extremely important. Whenever you’re on the road, it is always good to know that there is a device of sorts that can help you out whenever you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere – and this is where the Eton Road Torq comes in. This is the first auto accessory from the company, where it is hand-cranked to generate juice to power its flashlight that also doubles up as a flashing beacon to help notify passing motorists that you need help. The 1W LED light is located on a folding hinge, letting you position the beam where needed most at the right angle. Available for sale later this spring, what the Road Torq is missing is the ability to print money on the spot – now that would come in handy, especially when you’re in unknown territory with no motels in sight.

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