Facebook might help in reducing drunk driving incidents Huntington Beach, a California beach town might just enlist the help of Facebook (of all things/people) to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents. City council members in Huntington Beach are currently considering a directive requiring police to post the mug shots of DUI repeat offenders on the department’s Facebook page. Devin Dwyer, the council member who submitted the idea, has this to say, “In my view, posting this information is a reasonable step to take to enhance the safety of Huntington Beach residents and visitors.” Will this potentially embarassing move for future DUI offenders actually cause a reduction in such incidents? Perhaps, but then again it might not be effective at all as those who will want to drink and drive will do so anyways, despite knowing the potentially lethal consequences. Public shaming isn’t going to do anything for folks who are intent on breaking the law after all. What do you think of this proposition?

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