Freecom Mobile Drive MG

Freecom, a manufacturer that specializes in the creation of high-end hard drives, is no stranger when it comes to world records. Back in 2008, Freecom released the world’s smallest 2.5″ external drive, and in 2009, they released the world’s smallest 3.5″ external drive and the world’s first external USB 3.0 drive. And now it looks like they have achieved another record – by releasing the world’s thinnest external mobile hard drive. The Mobile Drive Mg, is designed for Mac users who have a fashion statement to make with their computer accessories, it manages to pack 320GB of storage into a 10mm-thick drive. Talk about data compression – literally! It also comes with a USB 3.0 connection (allowing data transfer speeds of up to 130 MB/s) to ensure you don’t have to fall asleep while waiting for it to fill up with data. If you’re looking for more storage, Freecom has a 750GB version which piles on an additional 5mm to the thickness, but it comes with an additional FireWire800 port if you need it, though there is a version that comes without the additional port. The 320GB model costs $89.99, 750GB is $129.99 and the 750GB with FireWire800 costs $169.99. All 3 drives will come with a 2-year warranty. They can be purchased from the Freecom website and from Apple Premium Resellers. And in case you were wondering – no they won’t work on PCs out of the box, but you should be able to format them.

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