Fujifilm ForgeGuard

Nothing can be worse than thinking you got a great deal on a product and then realizing you paid for a fake. Not only do consumers lose in this situation, manufacturers suffer as well- after spending so long on research and development for a product, copycats just steal the designs and release cheaper knock offs on the market, confusing consumers who could have been potential customers of the original product. Well the folks over at Fujifilm have decided enough is enough and have come up with ForgeGuard, an anti-counterfeit labeling system. The ForgeGuard technology allows manufacturers to use labels on their products that look like plain reflective labels to the naked eye. But under a special counterfeit detection lens, they show up as full color, high-resolution images. Since counterfeiters won’t be able to replicate this for awhile, it should help in the battle against imitation products. Watch a video of the ForgeGuard in action after the break:

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