GameStop estimates Sony Next Generation Portable will cost $999.99

We all know the Sony Next Generation Portable (PSP2 for those of you who still haven’t caught up with the program) is one piece of cutting edge hardware. Touted to be a PS3 that fits in your pocket, the NGP is definitely a more-than-worthy successor to the PlayStation Portable, but how much does it cost? Sony has been tight lipped about the device’s price but GameStop, an online retailer that has the device up for pre-order seems to have ideas of their own. According to the Sony NGP page on their website, they have estimated the gaming console to cost $999.99 – one penny shy of a grand. Surely it’s a marketing trick where they place an insane price now, and when the price tag becomes official, they can mark the device as though it had a price cut. Sneaky tactic, but it will probably earn them some customers. Sony hasn’t mentioned when they will be announcing its price, but with the device slated for an end of year release, expect more details to drop within the coming months. How much do you think the Sony NGP will cost when it is released?

UPDATE: as of now, the pre-order page on GameStop has been taken down. Any guesses to why?

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