Genius Ring Mouse and Pen Mouse

[CES 2011] Genius, manufacturers of third-party accessories for computers, will be unveiling three special mice products at CES 2011 this week. Defying convention and bringing additional functionality to the pointing device that’s been used ever since we’ve had GUIs, these mice are definitely something to look out for. First up we have the Ring Mouse – an award-winning mouse that allows you to control your cursor differently (i.e. away from a computer or table top). Wear this around your finger when you’re making a presentation, and changing slides is just a matter of clicking with your thumb. Next up we have the Pen Mouse – a wireless and energy-saving mouse pen. Basically like a regular stylus on a tablet, except that you don’t need a tablet surface for it to work. It is wireless, and has a special power-saving feature that detects when the pen is not in use and puts it into sleep mode. Lastly there’s the Navigator 905 Vogue – a wireless BlueEye mouse. Instead of a regular optical sensor that requires you to have a certain surface for your mouse to work, the Navigator 905 Vogue makes use of BlueEye tracking technology so it can work on pretty much any surface you put the mouse on (let’s not try water though). It is also designed in such a way that you can easily travel with the mouse – the pico receiver can be stored inside the mouse itself and the Stick-N-Go mount allows the user to mount the mouse to a notebook/laptop for storage. No word on when these devices hit the stores, but we’ll let you know when they do.

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