Gigabyte knows that gamers place a whole lot of importance on the performance of their machines, and it is no wonder why as this particular group demand nothing but the best in terms of hardware – if simply because they will always find an excuse when they lose, like a mouse which underperformed or a keyboard that isn’t responsive enough instead of coming to terms with their inability to beat their opponent. Well, this kind of thinking keeps gaming hardware companies on their toes, and motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte intends to take advantage of this situation with the release of the G1-Killer series of gaming motherboards. Comprising of the G1.Assassin, G1.Sniper and G1.Guerrilla, all of them will be based on the Intel X58 chipset while infusing the Killer E2100 networking solution – the fastest ever created for online games, sporting unique technology that automatically prioritizes game traffic while also delivering unparalleled control over how your PC uses network bandwidth. Sounds like a killer deal to us, so expect a price point that will do your upgrading budget in as well. [Press Release]

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