HP webOS tablets gets music store, Kindle and Netflix?

HP’s Opal and Topaz webOS tablets are currently pretty hot on the rumor circuits, and Clayton Morris, the source of past claims, has come to discover that both tablets might also be involved with a deal with Amazon for its MP3 and VOD (Video On Demand) services, although there is also the very real possibility of switching over to a semi-independent service. Apart from that, the tablet which was originally targeting a battery life between 12 to 14 have been reduced to touch just 8 hours – this is pretty sad, since it might have just lost that competitive edge against the iPad, although the good point of that would be being able to achieve the 1.5-pound weight target. Other news of the upcoming tablets include Touchstone 2.0 support, the scrapping of an educational version as universities will most likely receive 4G (in the form of WiMAX probably) versions of the Topaz that does not look different on the outside. As for the accuracy of such rumors, we would suggest waiting for the real deal and official announcement if you want to be sure. Image courtesy of Precentral.net.

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