HyperMac offers DIY solutions to sidestep Apple patent issue

HyperMac’s portable charging solutions were popular thanks to the use of a MagSafe connector until Apple decided to step in with a patent lawsuit. The company stopped selling accessories that used the infringing cables on November 2nd, but it’s now back with a revamped product line that doesn’t violate Apple’s patent. The new HyperMac solutions offer two ways for users to hook up their MacBooks. The first solution uses Apple’s MagSafe Airline adapter and a special connector provided by HyperMac to daisy chain an external battery to your MacBook. While it’s the easier of two methods to implement, the setup only powers your MacBook and doesn’t recharge the battery.

The other solution requires uses to splice the cable on their MacBook power adapter with the external battery. The modifications require minimal technical skill and don’t require any solder, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, though you can most certainly kiss the warranty on your power adapter goodbye. It’s not as easy to implement as the airline adapter method but it does offer users the ability to charge the MacBook’s battery while on the move.

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