Implantable Temperature Sensing Microchip from PositiveIDPositiveID is proud to say that they have managed to complete the development of an implantable temperature-sensing microchip. Just what is this chip capable of doing? For starters, it will go ahead and measure the body’s internal temperature, relaying all of the data collected to an external reader thanks to RFID technology. It seems that PositiveID is going about this school of thought – continuous monitoring of body temperature might be just the tonic when it comes to detecting an early warning of onset of an illness. Of course, the very thought of having a chip implanted in your body is unnerving to say the least, but this is one proof of concept that might just take off if properly implemented. You can more or less bet that privacy issues will be a particular thorny area to wade through with lawmakers and such if this chip were to be made mandatory in everyone. While the development phase is completed, we still await news on regulatory approval and availability.

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