For those who think that Japan is finished as a manufacturing power, think again – the iPhone 4 might be designed in California and assembled in China, but most of its insides are made in Japan. Well, not for long though as Apple has plans to move a large number of its parts from Japan to Taiwan for the next generation iPhone which we will dub the iPhone 5 for reference’s sake. Apparently, a Foxconn parts wing, Foxconn Electronics, alongside Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics and Epistar will be supplying parts for said smartphone, citing “more cost-effective sources” as one of the motivating reasons to do so ever since a strong Japanese yen made parts more expensive. We’re all for more affordable handsets, especially when you’ve got the Apple branding behind it.

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Apple iPhone 5
1136x640 IPS LCD
195 USD
8 MP
Image Stabilization
112 g
1440 mAh
A6 + None
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