Kenmore wants to make your home smarter
[CES 2011] Smart TVs seem to be the rage these days (or at least, in the days to come), and most of the other major consumer electronics giants are also working on integrating all forms of smart functions to their appliances. Well, Kenmore is one company that intends to jump on the smart appliance bandwagon with their own range that currently includes washing machines and refrigerators, although dryers and stoves are not out of the question. All of them can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet device, with special props being given to iDevices and Android devices as both platforms will be able to take advantage of a free app. Alternatively, there is the surefire way of being obsolete faster – using the large touchscreen on the device itself. All these Kenmore-enabled devices will feature Kenmore Connect, letting you diagnose what’s wrong with your dryer remotely, while ensuring they keep your power bills as low as possible through smart energy use. Too bad Kenmore will only introduce their range of appliances next year, which might be a wee bit too late to the game by then.
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