While we were at CES this year, I overheard one of the attendees ask a General Electric representative, “So where do I stow away the 150-mile cord for the Chevy Volt?” before everyone around erupted in laughter. Yup, as much as electric cars are the future, their rather limited range as well as lack of charging infrastructure at the moment might be a stumbling block to its proliferation, but good thing more companies like Leviton are starting to come up with devices like the CT2100 electric car charging station, having put it through the FCC’s paces recently. This compact charging station will come with Zigbee support, letting it communicate sans wires with an electric car. Not only that, it offers a CDMA modem support, which we can assume to have the CT2100 accept credit card payments as part of the ChargePoint network. Having the Leviton CT2100 electric car charging station appear at major commercial centers and hubs would certainly go a long way in making it easier to adopt an electric car as your primary mode of transport.

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