LG G Slate arrives at the FCC   again

There were already two versions of LG’s G-Slate tablet that arrived at the FCC over the past month, where among them include V909 and the V900. Interestingly enough, there is another version known as the L-06C which has made its way to the FCC as seen in the label image above. Of course, there is also the LG L-07C which hit the FCC recently in the form of a phone, so you might get all too confused with model numbers and such. So far, FCC documents did confirm that the G-Slate will come with USB and HDMI out connections, while the label location does point towards a dual camera array right at the top center of the device. There is also another mysterious circle which is present on the top right side of the device, so this could very well be a flash as with any self-respecting camera should come with. Right now, the L-06C did receive FCC approval for the GSM 1900 band, not to mention Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so we do raise the question as to why WCDMA bands were not approved – yet. Perhaps more testing needs to be done?

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