LG Smart Appliances

[CES 2011] In addition to announcing Smart TVs, LG has plans to turn your home into a smart home with the introduction of Smart appliances. Imagine a home where your washing machines, ovens, robotic cleaners and refrigerators will sport THINQ technology, and can be easily connected through WiFi using your smartphone/tablet for you to monitor and program usage. This allows you to cut costs by scheduling them to run at off-peak times when energy costs are low. You can even download new features like pre-programmed recipes and advanced wash cycles to make your devices run more efficiently. But they’re basically aiming for a home that you can leave in the morning a mess, and come home to when it’s all cleaned up, dinner fresh out of the oven and clothes ready to dry when you get back home from work. You won’t even have to lift a finger. Boy, we can’t wait till that day comes!

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