Lubricant sheets shredded for a purpose

While machines do a pretty good job of making sure that our life is a whole lot easier and more convenient, they do need a time of rest and some maintenance. What’s a machine got to do to get some much needed R&R? For paper shredders, the answer comes in the form of Lubricant Sheets. These apparent magical sheets of paper from Aleratec plays on a simple idea – all you need to do is feed the Lubricant Sheets through your shredder and voila – the maintenance work is done. This is made possible since individual sheets that are composed of sugar pulp and recycled paper, will encapsulate a non-toxic, biodegradable, soybean oil-based lubricant,hence “cleaning” the paper shredder as it is being, well, shredded. Not only will it help in prolonging the life of your paper shredder, it will also reduce the number of broken ones in our already saturated landfills. Nice to know it is affordable as well, as a dozen sheets in a pack will cost you a mere $11.99 – and best of all is, it ought to be able to last you for a fair number of years.

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