Isn’t this ironic, and yet in a twisted way, is poetic justice – using a remote control to catch other remotes? While you might easily substitute that with the word “thief”, we’re here to see what Motorola’s latest R331 remotes are capable of. This rechargeable device comes with a base station for iMotorola’s popular VIP series of IPTV set tops, and will be well armed with the RF (radio frequency) “find” functionality. All it takes is a simple button press at its base station and an audible tone and flashing light on all remote controls will trigger, helping you to find or locate a particular missing unit. It can be powered by wall sockets or via the set top over USB, hence doing away with the need for filling up our landfills with more single-use batteries. The base station itself comes with a digital clock to let you know just how much time of your life is wasted in front of the TV…

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