[CES 2011] MSI gave us an early glimpse into its all-in-one Wind Top desktops that it will be showcasing at CES, including a pair of new concepts. The Butterfly (pictured above) is a unique attempt to address some criticisms against using a touchscreen display that is propped upright. The solution that it offers is that it’s 10-point multi-touch LCD display can slide down and out, allowing users to easily touch it when needed and slide it back into its normal position for keyboard and mouse input. The Angelow concept is fairly good-looking too, with the main focus being the use of more upscale components and placing its display as a centerpiece.

Some other computers include the 20-inch AE2050 that features a 1080p display and is based in AMD’s Fusion platform. It houses an unspecified chip based on AMD’s Brazos nettop platform that offers enough graphics power to handle DirectX 11 graphics and HD video while maintaining a low price point. With CES just around the corner, we won’t have to wait too much longer in other to get the juicy full details.

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