[CES 2011] Remember the myDitto home network server that we looked at nearly a year ago? Well, the company behind myDitto have come up with a logical extension known as the myDitto Key. As its name suggests, this unique USB drive will plug into an available USB port on your computer, where it will let you access your myDitto servers remotely. This plug-and-play device will not require any pesky software installations, making it the perfect fit even if you have the technical know-how of a chimpanzee. Of course, before you can take advantage of the myDitto Key, you will need to make sure the myDitto Server back home is connected to the router so that all your data is stored in a cloud, and can be accessed remotely even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Featuring 128-bit AES encryption, you can be sure that only the most hardcore of people around you with malicious intention will be able to find a way through its security features eventually, hence making it something you should consider if remote storage and access of files is something you would like to look into in the immediate future.

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